Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Hand quilting the Sanctuary Quilt

I've been working on the Sanctuary Quilt for a long time.  I had it folded away in the basement for the longest time until just recently.  I don't know what made me want to pull it out again because I have my Hawaiian quilting to work on for my hand quilting fix. It's so beautiful I would love to finish it soon so I can bind it and wash it.  This quilt was from a quilt kit, so the fabric was all co-ordinated for me.

I used a fan design that is easy to repeat all over the quilt.  I made the templates with manila tag folders that I cut out.  There are six semi circle templates.  I used a water soluble marking pen that is now my favourite because it's easy to use, and the colour shows up well and it disappears easily with a spray of water.  The brand is called "Unique"  I've tried so many marking pens, pencils and chalk, and I like this one the best so far.

Here is the back.
I'm 3/4 done the main part of the quilt then I have to do the borders.  Lots more to go!

Happy Quilting!

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