Friday, 8 August 2014

English Paper Piecing!

I've been really inspired by the craft of quilting lately; especially hand piecing.  Today I wanted to share my english paper piecing project which I started probably a year ago.  I often find it relaxing to do things which are slow, such as hand piecing, hand quilting or knitting.  I then alternate with another project that is faster such as machine sewing quilt blocks that are simple and quick to create.  This one may take me a long time to complete.  So far I've sewn 150 hexagons... only 850 hexagons to go!  But the point is not to just finish it.  The purpose is to enjoy each step, each stitch and just relax into it.  I have to keep reminding myself this.  I love the different patterns and colours.  I love the way the pattern emerges as I sew each row.

Here is my sewing kit.  I sew only one row at a time.  I love to sew outside on the deck and enjoy the fresh air, sunshine and breeze

I start off by basting the hexagon templates to the fabric pieces for whatever row is next.

Then I sew them, using a small whipstitch, into a row according to the pattern.

Then I sew that row onto the previous row

 Tada!  Pretty cool pattern eh?

You can see the paper templates on the back.  I could have removed the top 2 rows of templates because I really only need the last row to have templates in place.

Here is the complete pattern of the quilt.

1000 hexagons!  Wow!

Happy Sewing!