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I Opened an Etsy Shop!

So, a few days ago I opened an  Etsy shop!. I will be selling quilts and quilted home accessories.  So far I have a whopping inventory of 8 items.  One lap quilt and seven decorative pillow covers.  It was a lot of work but also a lot of fun making all these pieces in coordinating fabrics.  I also had a lot of fun with the photography.  I will be adding to my inventory every week, so eventually I should have a relatively full shop.
I used all the same fabrics for the current items so they coordinate well with each other. Whenever I do a project I keep a little plastic baggie nearby that I put scraps in and there are some nice strips of these coordinating fabrics that I’m planning on using for creative coaster sets.  I love not wasting fabric! Well, that’s a project for next week.  After that, there will be a colour scheme change.  I’m looking forward to playing with some gorgeous purple and teal batiks! I have so many ideas, I should probably write them down!

Happy Sewing!

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