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Modern Geometric Full Size Quilt

I finished a quilt and thought I should share it on my blog.  This quilt was made with purple and teal batiks.  I love these colours together.  It was fun putting this together.  It was so enjoyable to plan out the colours and contrasts.  Trying to imagine the secondary design before making the block was a challenge but fun.  I loved making the first few blocks and seeing the design take shape. I always do hand binding.  I'm a huge fan of hand stitching.  It's my favourite part of quilting.  The final finish which is always so pretty and satisfying which also makes it relaxing;  This binding took me about 3 days of stitching.  I was almost sad it was over.  But of course, I was excited to finish this beauty.  If you look closely you'll see jellyfish.  The theme of this quilt is definitely sea-oriented with bubbles and shell swirls.  The quilting is a rip curl ocean wave design. This is a large quilt. 84.5"X 84.5" It suits a Full or Do

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