Thursday, 20 June 2013

Quilt Gallery

Quilt Gallery

As of late, I've been starting to feel the urge to start quilting again.  I seem to go through spurts of quilt making which alternates with either knitting or garment sewing.  If I could,  I would do all three at once, but unfortunately I can only focus on one craft at a time.  When I start, it seems to go for a few months after which I find myself switching to something else.  But,  I'm always either sewing, quilting or knitting.  So I thought I would share some of my  previously made bedquilts!

Wedding Quilt

First of all is the Wedding Quilt.  I called it that because it was a wedding gift.  I think this quilt was one of the first large bedquilts I made.  It was a lot of fun making this one.  I was just getting the hang of free motion quilting, and I found  that if I repeated the mantra: "Slithering snakes, slithering snakes", my quilting was much smoother and curvier, like slithering snakes.
 Oh my goodness, those are gigantic stitches.  I think this was the first time I hand stitched the binding.  Yep, I bet that binding is going to stay put!  I remember wanting to make sure the binding was sewn in a durable way so that it can be machine washed without falling apart.  So, I didn't do a regular slipstitch.   Now; I'm more into doing an invisible slipstitch.  It just looks better, and I'm sure it's quite durable.

Birthday Quilt

This is a quilt that I made for my sister's birthday last year.  I'm in love with the colours and the romantic floral print.  I used charm packs and made disappearing nine patch blocks and just mixed them up except for the accent reds that I matched up on a diagonal.  It turned out smaller that I had planned.  Things tend to shrink when you're dealing with cotton.

Another hand stitched binding... my favourite part!

Corner Candy Shop

This was a little more work that the previous quilts I've made but it was definitely worth it.  The quilt block is called a Patience Corner block.  The size of this quilt is like a small bed quilt or a large lap quilt.  Again, some shrinking probably from the small scale quilting I did.

This concludes the tour of my little quilt gallery.  I'm itching to get my quilting out now. My next project has been on hold for months.  It's a gorgeous quilt that is a bit more of a contemporary pattern.  The finished blocks have been hanging on my design wall for quite a while untouched while I've been working on garments the last few months.  I just go with the flow of my inspiration at the time.

Happy Sewing!

Sunday, 2 June 2013

Ladybug dress

Ladybug dress is completed.  I ended up lengthening the front bodice piece just a tiny bit (maybe 3/4") to make the waistline even and balanced.  I kept the size 6 in the skirt as there is not much difference and the design is free in the hip anyways.  Otherwise, as previously mentioned,  I did a full bust adjustment on the front bodice with a side dart for a better fit.  The other thing I did differently from the pattern instructions is that I cut the waistband on the straight of grain rather that on the cross-grain as the pattern indicates.  I just wanted to have a really strong waist band that would not stretch out of shape.  I did a lot of topstitching on the waistband, pocket edge and top bodice edge because I really love topstitching pretty much everything.  I sewed the pocket edge at 1/4" seam allowance instead of 5/8"because, the bigger the pocket, the better!

Pockets are so nice to have on a dress.

I love the way the straps tie into a little bow at the back.

Here's the front bodice piece which I added a bit of length to at front centre seam because on the muslin, the waistline was tilting up at the front  and looked off balance.

I've added stay-tape to the top edge.  I used my rayon seam binding for this.

I did a lot of topstitching!
The End!
I absolutely love my new sundress.  I'm sure it will get worn a lot this summer.
Happy Sewing!