Saturday, 26 April 2014

Icelandic Sweaters

I wanted to do a post all about Icelandic sweaters.  I am a huge fan of not only traditional Icelandic sweaters, but also Icelandic wool, specifically Létt Lopi; although I haven't tried the other Lopi yarns.   It's sturdy, warm and has a bit of a halo to it sometimes which I absolutely love!  There's a lot of fancy designer yarns out there with fabulous colours and feel soft but when your fabric gets bigger than the size of mittens or a hat, it drapes too much.  I don't like wimpy drapey sweaters that in a couple months look raggedy and old.  Létt Lopi is not a wimpy wool.  It actually looks better and better with time.  It'll start to felt slightly but no pills.

So, here is my most recent Icelandic sweater.  I completed it a couple weeks ago.  Check it out on my Ravelry page.  It's a super comfy sweater and finished just in time for spring.  No more winter parka!  Sometimes I wear this with a long sleeve shirt underneath and a scarf when walking to the river.

More pictures!

Now, here is a sweater I completed in January for my husband.  I've worn it a couple times myself.  It's just a little baggy on me but still looks good.  This sweater has a folded 1x1 ribbed collar that I really like.  It makes a nice finished edge.  Here is the ravelry post

Here's the inside to show the stranding.

This is the very first real Icelandic sweater I've ever knit.  I went a little crazy with the colours.  I had so much fun knitting this thing!  It's the same pattern as my husbands sweater.  They're so easy to knit and don't take too long.

So, I think I'm done with Icelandic sweaters for the time being.  Now that I have a couple in different colour schemes, it will be a while before I make another. They will definitely get a lot of appreciation and use.  On the horizon, perhaps may be an Icelandic fall jacket or something of the like.  Who's to say?

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Happy Knitting!

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