Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Hawaiian Quilts

I'm back to my blog after a very very long time.  I feel sorry to have neglected it for so long.  Nevertheless I have been busy with all kinds of crafts.  Most recently,  I have discovered the amazing world of Hawaiian quilting.  My husband and I were in Maui not too long ago.  Our hotel was decorated with these amazing quilts.  The first of which is the most stunning right at the entrance to the lobby.  This design is called "Ulu" meaning breadfruit in Hawaiian.  It's meant to signify prosperity.  This quilt was so inspiring I decided to make a miniature version myself.

Here are a few more quilts which adorned the walls.  I got to see them everyday!  Every time I pass by I stop and admire those little hand stitches.

It was hard to get a good shot because of the glare off the glass.

One day I came across this quilt shop.  I got some patterns from here.  I also went to another quilt shop; the Maui Quilt Shop  I believe.  That's where I bought a couple Hawaiian quilting books.

When I got home I started on this Ulu appliqué design for a cushion/pillow.  Pretty crazy huh?  I was just so inspired.  I really enjoy doing the old-school needle-turn appliqué which is the traditional Hawaiian way.   It's slow and relaxing.

Here's the back

And here is the really fun quilting part!  I used doubled wool batting so it's nice and puffy and soft.  Unfortunately I found it difficult to get small even stitches, but it's ok.  I enjoy it anyways.  It's good practice and I'm sure it'll get better with time.  The main thing is that I enjoy it.  

It's almost finished!  I still have a bit of quilting to do.  Then I'll have to sew it into a pillow cover.  I'll post a photo when it's completed.

Happy Sewing!

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