Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Grant Park Quilt Top - Completed!

I recently finished this simple disappearing nine-patch quilt top. It is 67"X55".  I'm waiting to get the backing fabric; then I will layer, baste and quilt it by machine.

I made the centre accent squares all red and arranged them to match up on the diagonal.  I also tried to match the corresponding large corner squares.  I found this created a more cohesive look.  I did try laying it out, so the white rectangles lined up as a sashing but the quilt looked too much like a USA flag; not exactly the look and feel I was aiming for.

So, I'm thinking of using wool batting with this to make it extra soft and warm.  Once it's all quilted and binded, I'll make another post with photos.

Happy Sewing!

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