Monday, 21 November 2016

Drafting a Pants Sloper

Ill-fitting pants are the bane of my existence, and they always have been.  I don't think I've ever had a pair of well fitting pants save for a pair of baggy pajama pants or sweatpants.  But that doesn't really count.

When I first got back into sewing, many moons ago, I remember hoping that one day I'd master pants so I can make my own that fit properly. Shopping for pants was and still is frustrating.  I tried sewing pants, and I discovered that sewing pants was easy.  It's the fitting of pants that was complicated.  Soon I gave up on pants and delved into the much more fun world of dresses, skirts, and tops.

Now,  I'm ready to tackle my life's sewing mission!
I took my measurements and used them to make my custom pants sloper.  A sloper is a well fitting template that can be used to make a variety of patterns.  In this case, I can use my sloper to make trousers, capris, jeans or shorts.  So it will be used over and over for a variety of patterns.  When I get the perfect fitting sloper, I'll transfer it to durable tag (or poster board paper) to preserve it as it may get used a lot.

I learned to draft my pants sloper from a Craftsy class (I have soooo many of them) called "Patternmaking & Design: The Pants Sloper" by Suzy Furrer.   I also have her textbook called "Building Patterns: The Architecture of Women's Clothing" which I use in conjunction with the video lessons.   She is such a brilliant instructor.  I learned so much from her classes, and I highly recommend them for anyone interested in patternmaking.

So, after plugging in my measurements, plotting out the calculations, fine tuning some lines here and there, I finally have a pants sloper! 
 It's not finished quite yet, though.  I have yet to test out the fit and fine tune it.  Fitting will be the fun part.  I'm determined to get a fabulously fitting sloper.  The better fitting the sloper, the better fitting my future garments will be.  Yay!
Wish me luck!

Happy Sewing!

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