Saturday, 2 July 2016

Bernina 580 Review and first impressions

I've had my eye on a Bernina 580 for a long time, and I finally bought one a few weeks ago.  Yay!  I love how smoothly it sews.  It hums along quietly unlike my other machine.  There are so many options on this machine.  It's more like a computer than a sewing machine.  I thought it might be complicated to use at first, but it's very user-friendly.  The Bernina 580 has an embroidery module as an option, but I did not purchase it because I'm not that interested in machine embroidery right now.  But who knows, I may be in the future; so it's good to know it's always an option.

I discovered that I like to use the stylus for the touchscreen.  Some higher end Berninas have a magnetized spot where the stylus sticks but this one doesn't.  I found a solution, though.  On the hand wheel is a magnetized area where my magnetic needle minder stuck to but the stylus did not.  Then the stylus stuck to the needle minder.  So now I just keep my needle minder in the centre of the handwheel to hold my stylus while I'm sewing.

The Bernina 580 comes with a stitch regulator for free motion quilting.  I haven't used it much yet, but I'm looking forward to having nice even stitches on my quilts!

It also came with this hands-free system where you can lift the presser foot with your knee.  It could be handy for things like machine applique where you have to change positions quite often and don't want to move your hands from the project.  I haven't found it very handy with the things I'm doing yet.  It feels like it's in the way.  I would also have to reposition my sewing machine, so it doesn't hit the drawers of my table.

Here's the really fun part.  This is the accessory case for storing presser feet, bobbins, needle cases and other fun things.  I love how it's so organized and neat.  Everything has its spot.

Automatic thread snipping after sewing a seam
To pop a bobbin out just press down.   You know you're a sewing geek if this impresses you!

Apparently, I've done 27,346 stitches so far!

Eco mode turns lights down and deactivates sewing

 You can set whether or not you want the machine to sense your upper thread and or bobbin when it runs out of thread.  Not sure I need it for the upper thread because I can clearly see if it's running out.  The bobbin sensor is definitely handy, though!

The Bernina 580 comes with this carrying case which is nice if you're taking it to classes or for maintenance.   Also, very importantly, the manual which is conveniently spiral bound.  Very nice!  I love reading sewing machine manuals.  I'm a geek.

 An instructional DVD is included which I'm sure is very helpful, but I haven't been able to play it on my computer system or DVD player.

Fortunately, there are very thorough and informative tutorials on YOUTUBE!

Well, that sums it up so far.  I really love sewing on my Bernina.  I've done some quilt piecing and buttonholes.  Oh yeah, I've never had so much fun doing automatic buttonholes.  Speaking of buttons, my McCalls shirtdress has been done for a while.  I've been procrastinating on the buttonholes, but I just finished them this morning.  I just need to sew the buttons on and take photos.

In summary, this is a really awesome high-quality sewing machine that makes sewing a breeze!

 Happy Sewing

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