Friday, 15 January 2016

Needle-turn Appliqué Interlude

I thought I would share a project I've recently started.  It's the Lotus quilt pattern by Jinny Beyer in the Amazon colourway.  I'm working on the appliqué corner square.  I've been working on this intermittently between other sewing projects and it's a great project for a change from machine sewing.  

This is what the finished quilt will (hopefully) look like.  I love Lonestar designs; I love doing appliqué, and Jinny Beyer is my hero when it comes to quilting.  The appliqué designs are so elegant and intricate.  This is definitely a big challenge for me.  The appliqué pieces are layered in such a way that you really need to pay attention to the order of operations.  In the photo above, I've pre-assembled the 3-piece flower and basted them together before pinning it to the background fabric.

Then I use the pattern to align the pieces together.  

 Then I baste the section down and start stitching using a fell stitch.  There are many ways to do appliqué, but I love the needle turn appliqué method because of its accuracy, precision and invisible stitches.  Well, actually, I think I also love it because it's just slower and more meditative.  It's kind of like knitting.  All you have to think about is the stitch you're making right now.  It's very relaxing, like doing a puzzle or painting really.

This quilt is NOT going to be finished anytime soon.  It's a large 98" square quilt which is a large queen size bordering on King.  I'm even thinking of hand quilting it (gasp).  This is going to be my quilt masterpiece so it will be a long term project that I take my time on to make sure it's the best it can be. 

I have lots of other garment sewing in my queue as well as some machine quilting that I will share when finished.  I would have finished my Vintage Apron by now if I didn't have to order more fabric for its completion. (Hurry up mailman and bring me more Liberty fabric!)  In the meantime, I'm enjoying my needle turn appliqué interlude.

Happy Sewing!

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