Friday, 23 October 2015

Northman Mittens

I finished my Northman Mittens!  I've wanted to make myself a new pair of fall mittens for a while.  The steering wheel is starting to get cold in the morning!  

Interestingly, the inspiration to finally knit these mittens came while I was on vacation recently in Turkey.  We toured a carpet centre where women demonstrated how they made carpets by hand.  Their work was amazing.  The silk carpets were amazingly soft and the colours were so vibrant.  Each carpet design was more incredible than the last.  You can see how they hang the pattern in front of them.  This reminded me of a Fairisle knitting pattern.

Seeing this beautiful handwork inspired the Fairisle knitter in me and I started these mittens soon after my return.  However, I don't think these mittens are technically Fairisle.

I did a two colour cast on and a Latvian braid which I really like.  I think I'll use this more often.  I even mirrored the braid direction on the other mitten.  I used alpaca yarn which is really soft and warm.  It's even warmer than wool.

Oh yeah and I also started off doing a lining but I didn't like the way it felt inside the mitten.  There was some wrinkling inside that drove me nuts.  It bothered me so much that I decided to frog the lining and forget about it altogether.  Even thinking about it bothers me.  It's kind of like nails on a chalkboard.  I don't know if this is normal but maybe the lining needs to be smaller.

I made excellent use of this magnetic pattern holder thingie-do.  You know how it's hard to follow a Fairisle pattern sometimes.  I used to fold a piece of loose-leaf in half and tape it to the chart and then move it for each row.  Well, this magnetic thing is so much more efficient.  I received it in a large bag of vintage knitting paraphernalia from my mother in law.  It belonged to my husband's grandmother so I'm very thankful to her.

Although I have some fall sewing projects in queue, my knitting phase continues!

Thanks for reading my blog and

Happy Knitting!

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