Friday, 25 September 2015

Tinder Cardigan

Wow, it feels like forever since I've held knitting needles, and I love every moment of it.  Knitting was the first craft I learned.  I was obsessed with knitting at age 8 or so when I first learned. Recently,  I've had to take a break because of pain in my wrist.  So, I just have to be careful not to knit too long or too frequently.   Anyways, this is my Tinder Cardigan, a project I just started.  It's a cozy warm cardigan for autumn.

 I love cardigans.  My Nettle Cardigan has been getting a LOT of use, so I figured I need another one.  This time, I found this lovely pattern by Jared Flood.  It has an allover waffle stitch which I really like.  The sleeves are in reverse stockinette stitch which I don't like because it looks inside out.  Yeah I know I'm crazy but I'm going to do them regular stockinette stitch because that's how I like it.  This cardigan is knit in separate pieces for fronts, back and sleeves then sewn together.  Should be fun as I usually do sweaters in the round.   Apparently seams add a bit more durability and structure.  In other words less stretching out of shape.  We'll see!

The yarn I'm using is Brigg's and Little Regal yarn in light brown which I bought from Ram Wools.  I've actually used this yarn for several other projects in the past.  I really like working with it.  It's fluffy and durable, and I like the heathered look of the colours.

I was happy to bring out the yarn swift.  I've always enjoyed this part.  It's also a good way to inspect every inch of that skein and make sure there are no breaks or knots in there.  Yeah,  actually it's just fun making things spin fast.  I'm easily amused.

Here's the pattern.  I really like the fit.  It's a slight A-line.  More fitted on the upper chest with a bit of ease in the waist and the hip area.  It would be perfect for layering.

I also love the high ribbed collar which makes it jacket-like.   I'm going to take my time with this so as to avoid a repetitive stress injury, but I'll do a post when it's done!

Happy Knitting!

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