Thursday, 23 July 2015

Sanctuary Quilt Completed!

Ladies and gentlemen, after at least two years, I am proud to announce that I have finally completed my Sanctuary Quilt, binding and all!  Now, I have just been working on it here and there.  Otherwise, I'm sure I would have finished it much sooner.  Yeah,  I get easily distracted when it comes to sewing!

This pattern was from a quilt kit I had purchased from Hawthorne Threads.  The finished size is 85.5"X85.5" which works well for a double or a queen sized bed.  Although, I would have preferred a bit more length to hang down the foot of the bed.

I decided to hand quilt it using Perle Cotton #12, and I switched to Perle Cotton #8 for the border.  I think I prefer the bolder Perle Cotton #8. A good needle to use with this thread, I found was a Bohin chenille needle size 24.  I went with a basic Baptist fan design.  I cut out my own stencils using manila tag folders and traced the design with water soluble marker.  I quite like this design for an all over quilting pattern.  I think the curviness contrasts with the angular block pattern.
And so, I spent many a cold winter evening and many a summer afternoon under the shade of the elm quilting away.  Time-consuming as it was, I found it quite relaxing.

Hand sewn binding!  Yah!  I've always loved this part and I think my stitches have actually improved.  I was aiming for 1/8" between stitches and an almost invisible stitch.  I'm pretty happy with the results.  I love sewing those corners.

Well, after spending so much time with this quilt in my quilt hoop,  I finally get to enjoy cuddling up and actually using it.   It was definitely a fun project, and I would recommend every quilter hand quilt a quilt at least one time!

Thanks for reading my blog and

Happy Sewing!

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