Thursday, 4 June 2015

Me Made May Week # 4

Well, this is the final Me Made May post.  I wore three handmade garments this week (which is actually a week plus three days).  I blame it on a combination of cool weather and my love of sewing summer dresses and my love of staying comfortable and warm.   Oh well.  Next year I may have to do Me Made June.

This is an unblogged skirt that I made from a Burda magazine a long time ago.  I don't remember the pattern name or number.   I'll try to hunt it down and add it in when I find it.  This skirt is actually really awesome.  I love the way it fits.  It's relatively high-waisted with nicely shaped gores that go all the way to the waistline (no waistband).  It buttons up in the front, and it has two front pockets.  This one is made with a linen blend fabric.  It wrinkles easily, but it feels super comfortable!  I think I definitely want to make another one of these skirts!

 A cool rainy day calls for jeans and a cardigan!  This is my Fawn Lace cardigan. Warm and comfy over a tank top.

 And, of course, my cozy Autumn Archer Shirt.

That's it for Me Made May 2015!  It turned out to be a challenge for me, but I've learned to love a couple of handmade pieces and will be more likely to pull them out of the closet.  It's such a pleasure planning and sewing new garments, this was a chance to learn to appreciate wearing the garments I have made.

Thanks for reading my blog :)

Happy Sewing!

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