Sunday, 24 May 2015

Me Made May Week # 3

I can't believe I only managed two handmade garments this week.  My excuse is that I've been working; only two or three 12 hour shifts a week mind you,  but I have to wear a uniform at work.  And I have no desire to sew boring uniforms, ugh!  I prefer to spend my creative time sewing beautiful dresses.  Nevertheless, here's what I managed this week.

I actually wore my Gingham Cambie dress out one day.  Now, this is a success of Me Made May because I didn't think I would feel comfortable going out wearing this dress.  Were it not for the challenge, my handmade dress may have hung in the closet unworn and unloved.

I also wore my Granville Shirt.  I found it lightweight and cool but if I'm doing any kind of housework, it's a bit tight across the upper back and shoulders.

Well, that's it for Week # 3.  See you soon for the final week!

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