Sunday, 29 March 2015

Sewaholic Davie Dress

Sewaholic 1503 Davie Dress

I was first drawn to this dress pattern because of the "fit and flare" style lines.  I love princess seams and flared skirts.  I also like the keyhole neckline detail.  The only thing I didn't like is the fact it's designed for knits.  I'm still not a huge fan of sewing with knits.  The result is quite comfortable, though, so I shouldn't complain.  I used a black Ponte di Roma I had in my stash.  I decided to just sew a straight size 8 and see how it turns out.

  So, I guess you could say this is my wearable muslin.  I knew the fit would not be the best, but I was hoping the knit fabric would be forgiving enough.  The hemline is quite short; a lot shorter than I'm used to.  I should probably lengthen it a tiny bit in the bodice anyways as well as extend the hem.   Just like my Granville Shirt, there was not nearly enough curve in the back seams.  I'm starting to realize that with Sewaholic Patterns,  I will need to add more curve in the low back and less on the sides.   Just the way my body is I guess.

I definitely have to work on fitting the back next time!

Overall, this was a quick sewing project and being a knit fabric, it's quite forgiving fit-wise.  Other than the pooling in the lower back it wasn't too horrible.  However,  I'm tempted to dive into my little pile of new McCall's dress patterns next.

Thanks for reading my blog and...
Happy Sewing!

Sunday, 22 March 2015

Completed: Liberty of London Granville Shirt!

Sewaholic Patterns 1501 Granville

I finally finished my Granville shirt!  After doing all those muslins, I got distracted with other projects (which I will blog about later) but now it's done!  Yay!  And I'm actually quite happy with the results.  The fit is a lot better than I thought it would be.  I guess all my hard fitting work paid off.   Now that the fitting part is done I can easily make this again and again in different fabrics.  I find the Liberty lawn fabric is just perfect for this shirt.  It's very light yet crisp to press, and the final look is just want I wanted.  I love this brown flower print.

I chose to make view A with the two front pockets.  The only thing I'm not happy about is the front pockets.  They turned out to be a bit off even though I placed them right on pocket markings.  So I may have made a mistake with the markings or perhaps the shoulder seams are not exactly the same.  Nevertheless, this fabric is very camouflaged, and you can barely see the pockets let alone if they are exactly symmetrical unless you look very carefully.  So, I may take one pocket off and adjust it at some point but for now,  I'm not putting on any buttons to bring attention to this imperfect detail.  Next time I think I'd put the pockets on last and line them up while wearing the shirt.

I really enjoyed making the collar.  It went together a lot easier than I thought it would.  I followed the instructions with the pattern which are a bit different than previous collars I've made.

Construction Details!

This was the first time I make a proper sleeve placket.  I found making the tower peak quite fiddly, so I took my time pressing and basting it by hand to hold it in place.  This was the hardest part.  The rest of the placket came together quite easily.

 As per usual I pinned, then hand basted the sleeve in before machining it in.  When I'm worried about puckers, or I'm not able to control the fabric as much I find comfort in hand basting.  It controls the fabric so much better than just pins, and I don't have to hold my breath so much while sewing the seam!

I drew in the seam allowance on the collar stand which helped to make a nice curved shape.

So, I'm pretty happy with my pretty flowery shirt!  It was fun to make once I figured out the fit.  I'm sure I'll wear it quite a bit.  I think I'll put this one away for now because I'm going to start making some dresses for spring now.  Yay for spring!  Our snow is gone already, but it's still freezing outside.  Meanwhile, these little guys keep me company in the sewing room.  Aren't they adorable?

 Happy Sewing!