Friday, 30 January 2015

Vintage Wool Skirt Completed

I have thoroughly enjoyed sewing this lovely skirt, and I'm delighted with the way it turned out!  I found that my Hawthorn Berry Sweater was the perfect companion. It was surprisingly comfortable (for a few quick minutes) considering it was -24 degrees Celsius out there! 

The pattern is a vintage pattern I found on Etsy: Hollywood Pattern 1602.
I love the A-line silhouette, gores, and the fact that it has a left side zip.  I don't know why but I think side closures lend a more feminine, polished feel to the whole garment. 
I used a beautiful wool/cashmere blend fabric that I underlined with silk organza.  Check out my previous post for more details about the pattern, fabric, and the underlining I chose.  Speaking of underlining, I just wanted to say that I think it gave the skirt a lot of body.  The complete garment feels very durable yet soft thanks to the silk organza underlining.  It was my first time using silk organza, and it certainly won't be the last!

Now, for a few sewing details! Yay!
I made the lining from a soft bemberg rayon.  I slip stitched the lining to the invisible zip.  

Ok! Here's the hem.  I did a 2 inch hem, and I didn't ease the fullness in with ease stitching but rather just shaped it with a bit of steam.  I figured it's not like a circle skirt or anything so it's not a lot of fullness to ease in.  I ended up using lace hem-tape which I catch stitched to the silk organza underlining.  I like the look of the lace, but it seems a bit flimsy.  The reason I went with the lace tape is that I felt doing a folded hem would look too bulky.  I'm not sure; I may change it.

Lovely left side closure (my favourite!)  

 The button is purely decorative.  The waistband closes with a hook-and-eye.  I love this button, but it may be too bulky for this dainty waistband.  

Well!  That concludes my Vintage Wool Skirt exhibit.  I feel I learned a great deal from this project, and I'll have fun wearing it too!

Next up on my sewing table... finally a project for my Liberty of London cotton lawn!

Happy Sewing!