Friday, 16 January 2015

Vintage Sewing Pledge 2015

Yesterday, I joined the 2015 Vintage Sewing Pattern Pledge; that is in the second year.  This challenge is hosted by A Stitching Odyssey and co-hosted by Kerry of Kestrel Makes. When I heard about it, I knew it would be a great challenge for me.  I don't have a ton of vintage patterns, but I do have a few that I have not yet sewn.  I also have reproduction patterns that have not yet been sewn.  .  This would motivate me to  sew those lovely patterns tucked away in my pattern drawer.  My favourite decade is the 1940's, but I'd also go for some garments from the 30's and 50's.  I'm not into the 60's or 70's, but you never know.  So I'm putting this pledge out there into blogland:

I Nayla, of Nayla's Notions pledge to sew four garments from vintage or reproduction patterns within the year 2015.  

It shouldn't be too difficult to make four garments and yet it's still a challenge.  I'm a slow sewer and believe in quality, not quantity.  I also have so many other things I want to make.  I'm already working on the first one of the year, which happens to be a vintage pattern; my lovely 40's wool skirt!

I'm looking forward to this awesome challenge... Yay!

Happy Sewing!

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