Saturday, 13 December 2014

Radiating Red Dress Completed

This dress was fun to sew up.  This was my first time working with ponte de roma knit fabric.  I'm usually reluctant to sew with knit fabrics because I'm not as familiar with them as my usual wovens.  But this is a beautiful heavy weight stable knit that has a lot of structure and a flattering drape.  It worked perfectly with all those radiating tucks. 

The pattern is Butterick 5559.  I love it, and I'm sure I'll use again.
I used a size 12 which is one size smaller than my actual measurements because I was concerned the shoulders, and neckline area would be too wide and I'm glad I went a size smaller.   With all the tuck lines, it would be difficult to alter the pattern without messing with the design.  So I guess I was counting on the stretchy fabric to do its magic.  It turned out quite comfortable.  I lengthened the skirt by four whole inches that took it to just above my knee.  But then again, I often need to lengthen my skirts.

It was a bit of a challenge to match the tuck lines at the side seams, but if you use your pins diligently and take it slow, it's not so bad.

I used fusible tricot knit interfacing for the facing.  This was the first time using this stuff, and boy is it ever lovely!

I have issues with sewing in sleeves.  I'm so worried about getting pleats or puckers that I had to baste it carefully by hand before sewing it.  Also, the pattern doesn't mention putting in ease stitches for the sleeve cap but I put in 2 rows of basting and eased the cap slightly.  Then I steamed it a bit to shrink out some puckering after which I pinned and hand basted.  It worked out well.  I only got one tiny pleat that I unpicked and re-sewed (only about 3 cm).

Well, that's it for my Radiating Red Dress.  I think there may be a shorter skirted sleeveless version in my future.  (I even have the fabric for it already!)

Happy Sewing!


  1. This is one gorgeous dress. You did an excellent job on it; even down to the number of pleats and swirls in the dress. It is a great looking garment.