Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Self-drafted Pencil Skirt

 I finished my self-drafted pencil skirt.  This is the first of many skirts from my personal custom skirt sloper.  It feels incredible to have such a well fitting skirt.  It's like it was made specifically for me!(something I never felt when sewing any skirt pattern, let alone buying ready to wear.)

I used the fabric I purchased from  A Spool of Thread when I was in Vancouver.  It's gorgeous stretch denim, but it stretches on the lengthwise grain instead of crosswise.  I was confused by it at first because I've never seen fabric like that before.  But I decided it would be perfect for a pencil skirt.  Having the stretch lengthwise allows for comfortable sitting!

Here's my "invisible" hot pink zipper.  I love invisible zippers with a pop of colour!


 Floral print facing!

Hot pink zipper... again!

Hemmed with bias tape

 So... this was supposed to be a peplum pencil skirt. Thus, I didn't draft a waistband and made a facing instead.  It turned out I hated the peplum.  There's no way I was going to even try putting it on the skirt.  To me it looks like a clown collar.  Maybe it was the medium weight fabric that lacked a soft drape; maybe it was the polka dots.  I just couldn't get clown collar out of my head.  And so  the peplum will never be.  I can't stand looking at it.  I'm putting it in the garbage as soon as I'm done typing this.  The good thing is that it was a valuable experience.  I may make a peplum skirt with a softer fabric and absolutley no polka dots!  Otherwise,  I would also make a waistband.  That way it adds some waist definition and just looks like it's actually finished!

I'm just going to enjoy sitting in my comfy stretchy pencil skirt!

Happy Sewing!

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